Who we are.

1Diamond Technology represents over 30 years of innovation and development in remote technology.

Being innovative is at the heart of everything we do, as well as it serves as the heartbeat of the global market!

With the current pace of technological changes making our heads spin, we believe in our age as the most innovative ever. This is causing governments, universities, and firms together to spend around $1.4 trillion a year on R&D, more than we have ever seen before. However, the Energy market itself is somehow stuck in the 1980s and refuses to advance due to naivety or just too comfortable with the status quo.

Due to modernization, the cost to produce energy is getting cheaper daily, however, the cost to remediate or modify current infrastructure is getting increasingly more expensive. This will eventually start creating an “abandon in place” assets mentality, which would be too costly to remove, therefore polluting our landscape.

This is where we at 1Diamond Technology say there is a better way! We leverage over 30 years of technology, synthetic diamonds, robotics, welding, mining, abandonment, decommissioning, salvage, tooling, automation, subsea and aeronautical experience to offer an “out of the box” solution. Coupled with our do no harm to life or the environment that provides a safe, efficient alternative solution the challenges we face in the energy sectors. Therefore providing predictable performance and cost-effectiveness to the industry’s biggest challenges.

Our research and development teams are forged from the mighty fjords of Norway that produced the world’s most notable mariners and warriors! This gives us the drive and passion to tackle the toughest encounters no matter the outlook. We couple this with our house of operations in The Gulf of Mexico to provide the solutions to your ever increasing needs.

Ultimately, we are part of the Quanta Services family, which is one of America’s largest power infrastructure corporations, based in Houston, Texas.

“Raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance!”

– Albert Einstein

Our Technology Are

  • Faster

  • More efficient

  • Cleaner

  • Environment friendly

  • Surgical

Our Markets

  • R&D

  • Offshore

  • Salvage

  • Nuclear

  • Hydropower

  • Recycling

  • Engineering

  • Space