Our oceans’ seabed is littered with human made infrastructure: oil and gas pipelines, anchor chains and a lot more that we need to maintain our modern lifestyle. Nothing lasts forever, so when something is no longer in operation, it needs to be removed. As the nature of the matter makes a simple garbage collection impossible, you need professionals with special knowledge and specially developed machines and tools.

Perfect synergy of technology and know-how

Worldwide only a few companies offer the right technology and the expertise to carry out these highly demanding underwater cutting jobs. One of those experts is Norway based 1Diamond AS, owned by American Quanta Services. Together with the Austrian wire saw manufacturer TYROLIT, they set new standards for submarine wire cutting technology. Both companies are specialists in their respective fields and work together closely to develop highly efficient, environmentally friendly cutting tools that can meet the demands of the growing market.

1Diamond manufactures cutting machines with cutting capacities from 6 to 62 inches and a maximum operational depth of 10,000 feet. On request, they design and build larger machines for special applications as well.

Barracuda saw with TYROLIT diamond saw wire (Picture: 1Diamond)

TYROLIT – one of the leading manufacturers of bonded grinding, cut-off, sawing, drilling and dressing tools as well as supplier of tool and machine systems for the construction industry – delivers the diamond wires for these demanding and complex underwater applications. TYROLIT offers a broad range of electroplated saw wires and endless wire loops for steel that excel at fast cutting performance, very long lifetime and noticeable smooth running. Continuous product development ensures constant improvement in diamond wire technology.

TYROLIT diamond saw wire (Picture: TYROLIT)

TYROLIT diamond saw wire (Picture: TYROLIT)

More than just deep-sea specialists

There is a lot of interest in these 1Diamond machines in the construction industry. Many areas in the world face challenges like removing pillars or pipes from harbor basins or quaysides and there is a demand for decommissioning nuclear plants. The recognition these machines received inspired plans to manufacture shallow water versions. If the machine operates at depths of 15 to 20 meters, it will be easier to control them from the shore. Not only 1Diamond but also TYROLIT manufactures machines for shallow water applications. Especially TYROLIT’s drive system comes into play here. The principle of modularity enables customers who already own the main components to combine it with additional equipment. The Modular System allows the customer highly efficient working and high cost efficiency.